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Nutrition & Coaching Services

Group Sports

Nutrition Sessions

Megan can provide group education and counseling sessions on a variety of sports nutrition topics to sports teams, training groups, clubs, gym members, or any other group of training individuals.

Group session topics include:

  • Basic Sports Nutrition

  • Sports nutrition tips for before, during and after training

  • Bone Health for Athletes

  • Nutrition for the Female Athlete

  • Managing your weight for your sport

Fees Available Upon Request

Distance Running Coaching

Megan is here to help you achieve your individual goals through personalized online and in-person training. Whether your goal is to complete your first 5k, run a new PR, or qualify for the Boston Marathon, the first step is starting with Megan to tailor a training plan that fits your current fitness level and lifestyle.

Personalized coaching includes:

  • Training Questionnaire

  • Initial Training Consultation

  • Personalized Daily Workouts

  • Online Training Log

  • Personalized Weekly Adjustments

  • Unlimited Written Communication w/ Coach

Fees Available Upon Request


Sports Nutrition Coaching Initial Evaluation:

 After completing the nutrition questionnaire, you will be provided with your estimated nutrition needs. Megan will assess how your current nutrition is meeting these needs and an individualized fueling strategy will be developed that works for you and your training goals!

Fees Available Upon Request

Sports Nutrition Coaching


After giving you time to implement the plan from our initial visit, Megan will evaluate how it is working for you and make any changes necessary. Your personalized sports nutrition program will be based on your needs and may include the following: 

  • Meal planning

  • Interpreting nutrition related lab results​

  • Hydration needs

  • Nutrition for recovery

  • Coming back from an injury

  • Managing GI issues 

  • Navigating food allergies or dietary restrictions

  • Supplement use

  • Before, during, and after workout fueling plan

  • Nutrition for travel

  • How to navigate nutrition with a busy schedule

Fees Available Upon Request

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