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Fueling On-The-Go

Whether you are traveling for work, school, or competing in a sporting event far from home, eating healthy can be challenging. Relying on fast food or concession stands puts you at risk for making poor food choices leading to potential GI issues and subpar sports performance. With some planning ahead and making healthy food choices you can still eat a diet to help you train and compete at your best!

Nutrition Traveling Tips:

  • Focus on hydration! Flying and traveling can increase your risk of becoming dehydrated. Drink 8-ounces of water per hour to stay well-hydrated. Carry a water bottle and consider adding electrolytes to water to prevent dehydration.

  • Don’t forget your sports nutrition supplements (carb chews/gels) and electrolytes (if needed).

  • Eat foods to support a healthy immune system. Focus on eating foods rich in probiotics, fruits, vegetables, whole grains and lean protein.

  • Eat every 3-4 hours throughout the day to maintain energy levels containing lean protein-rich foods and whole grains to help prevent hunger and to promote muscle growth and repair.

Mini-Meal or Snack Food Options:

When traveling, plan ahead and stock your bag with your favorite healthy snacks before heading out the door. Airports usually offer food carts or mini-convenient stores to get the food items you need, but you can also find a local grocery store when staying at hotel to keep some of the food staples in your mini-fridge.

Try eating a combination of these food items packed with protein, healthy fat, and

carbohydrates throughout the day to maintain your energy when traveling.

  • Greek or Icelandic yogurt (added sugar less than 8 grams/serving) with fruit

  • Hummus with raw carrots or whole grain crackers

  • Small bag (single serving) of dried fruit/nuts (avoid added candy)

  • Grilled chicken or turkey whole grain wrap with veggies (avoid added mayo)

  • Oatmeal cup or packet with added banana and handful of nuts (usually found at coffee shop)

  • Protein Nut bar with fruit (choose bars with less than 8 grams of added sugars)

  • Milk container (cow's milk or non-dairy) with fruit and handful of nuts

  • Pre-packed nut butter pouches added to whole grain bread/bagel or wrap

  • String cheese with fruit

  • Protein box (hard-boiled egg/nuts/cheese and fruit)

  • Grain bowl- brown rice/quinoa, greens, lean protein, beans

  • Turkey jerky with yogurt and fruit

  • Small bag of light popcorn with protein bar and fruit

  • Single serving of protein powder (NSF certified) mixed with water or milk and fruit

  • Dry-roasted edamame with fruit or whole grain crackers

The key to eating healthy when traveling is planning ahead. Think twice before you grab that burger and fries, and make sure you've tested out your nutrition plan before your competition so you can perform your best!

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